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Codecov Uploader Deprecation

September 2, 2021 Tom Hu

With the release of our new uploader, we will begin deprecating our other uploaders. This post outlines how the other uploaders will be affected and what users can expect. Users can find additional information about the new uploader in our documentation.

Bash Uploader

Support and updates for the bash uploader have ended and will not be changed. It is subject to complete deprecation at a future date.

Ecosystem specific Uploaders

Codecov provides a series of wrappers for our uploader including

These wrappers have been updated to use the new uploader on their latest major version (as noted in parenthesis). Any users working with older versions of these wrappers will be subject to the same schedule as the bash uploader.

Language-specific Uploaders

Codecov provides a series of community-driven language-specific uploaders including

Although these uploaders are used by many of our users, Codecov is limited by our ability to keep them in lockstep with new features and critical fixes. Support for these uploaders has officially ended, and these uploaders will be deprecated at a future date.

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