Codecov for Enterprises

Establishing and maintaining well-tested code at a large organization while continuously onboarding new team members is hard. Rapidly delivering on major engineering initiatives at the same time makes it even harder.

How Codecov Helps Enterprises

Codecov helps large organizations establish and maintain healthy software testing habits, meet regulatory coverage requirements, and ensure every developer is comfortable evolving a massive codebase without fear.

Codecov is available as SaaS.

Improve Code Coverage by 30% in 4 Weeks

For organizations starting with coverage under 70% Codecov has historically been able to improve coverage by ~32% within 30 days.*

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Maintain Code Quality on Growing Teams

Your team is constantly growing and evolving. Onboard new team members quickly and safely by putting in clear governance for coverage using Codecov’s coverage gates.

Coverage Gates

Effectively Measure Code Coverage On Legacy Applications and Monoliths

Measure code coverage for your legacy applications and monolith repositories in a more organized and time-efficient manner using Codecov’s flags and carry-forward flags capabilities.

Carryforward Flags

Maintain Regulatory Testing Compliance

Codecov can help you ensure compliance with coverage regulations like DO-178B, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and many more.

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Modernize, Migrate, and Evolve Applications With Less Risk

Whether you’re migrating to a microservices architecture or reducing technical debt on a legacy application. Codecov can help measure and track your code coverage, identify unused code, and ensure your developers feel safe evolving the codebase.

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