Codecov for Enterprises

Establishing and maintaining well-tested code at a large organization while continuously onboarding new team members is hard. Rapidly delivering on major engineering initiatives at the same time makes it even harder.

How Codecov Helps Enterprises

Codecov helps large organizations establish and maintain healthy software testing habits, meet regulatory coverage requirements, and ensure every developer is comfortable evolving a massive codebase without fear.

Codecov is available as SaaS or can be self-hosted.

Improve Code Coverage by 30% in 4 Weeks

For organizations starting with coverage under 70% Codecov has historically been able to improve coverage by ~32% within 30 days.*

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Maintain Code Quality on Growing Teams

Your team is constantly growing and evolving. Onboard new team members quickly and safely by putting in clear governance for coverage using Codecov’s coverage gates.

Coverage Gates

Effectively Measure Code Coverage On Legacy Applications and Monoliths

Measure code coverage for your legacy applications and monolith repositories in a more organized and time-efficient manner using Codecov’s flags and carry-forward flags capabilities.

Carryforward Flags

Maintain Regulatory Testing Compliance

Codecov can help you ensure compliance with coverage regulations like DO-178B, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and many more.

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Modernize, Migrate, and Evolve Applications With Less Risk

Whether you’re migrating to a microservices architecture or reducing technical debt on a legacy application. Codecov can help measure and track your code coverage, identify unused code, and ensure your developers feel safe evolving the codebase.

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1k+ Enterprise Customers

Over 1K enterprise rely on Codecov to maintain code coverage and ensure the quality of their code.

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What people are saying...

Azure DevOps


Are you using a code coverage tool? How do you know your tests actually exercise your code? Integrate @Codecov into your CI pipeline and get great reports that help you improve your coverage. Learn more:



[Live webinar tomorrow @ 11am PST] Learn how you can use @codecov and CircleCI #orbs to make code coverage easy. Register now:

Drazi BTLM


Got my (still small) #python #monorepo working with @codecov and flags! Once I remembered how @github Actions and working-directory worked, it was a breeze! Now, lunch :)



Love go-to-definition, hovers, and refs on GitHub (using Sourcegraph for Chrome/Firefox)? The Sourcegraph extension API (alpha) takes this to the next level. It supports showing other useful code overlays: @codecov and soon logs/traces/lint/security/etc.



How can our newly acquired @renovatebot paired with Travis CI and CodeCov help you #automate as much maintenance as possible? Software expert @pat_scott breaks it down in his latest @hackernoon guide. Learn more here: #DataStrategy #DataManagement



"@SlackHQ is by far the most popular third-party integration with close to 1.6 million runs in Q4 of 2019" - The State of App Development is out! @GooglePlay , @codecov, @hockeyapp, @crashlytics, @SonarQube, @awscloud and @GIPHY all made the list πŸ‘‡



Quickest way to get started with #CI and #CodeCoverage πŸ‘‰ πŸ›  @CircleCI @codecov #bash @github ⌨️ @thomasrockhu πŸ₯‘ 😎 #AwesomeStacks

Billcountry πŸ‘»


@codecov Great product! Just got comments for each line that is not covered on my PR.

Andreas MΓΆller


πŸ‘‹ Have you noticed that @codecov now annotates a pull request on @github when you forgot to write tests for production code? ❀️ Very nice!

Gerhard Preuss


@codecov provides great PR comments! You see a separate #coverage for your newly added code (patch)! Give it a try



@github is working with all the companies pictured to provide seamless integration @CircleCI @cloudbees @HashiCorp @jfrog @codecov...

Tom Hu πŸ₯‘


Amazing write-up on integrating @codecov with #Swift projects

Alejandro de la Vega


TFW when you thought someone commented on your pull request, but it just @codecov telling you to step your testing game up.

Daniel G A Smith


Who’s says Code Coverage cannot be pretty? @codecov @PSI_Code #compchem


Thanks to @codecov+@travisci+@appveyor! We achieved 68% test coverage at

Eduard Urbach πŸ’»


Feels great to start a new project with 100% coverage #golang #travisci #codecov

Josh Rosen


. @codecov is amazing; I've been integrating it into @databricks' open-source Scala projects and it's been a smooth process so far.

Carbace Gollegtor


Tip: @codecov setup is totally awesome! "Java 8, Maven 3, JaCoCo" built by @travisci and reported to @github PR :)

Felipe Caparelli


I'm amazed by this code coverage tool... fully integrated with github @codecov #java #github #coverage

Jorge Luis Malla


Continuous Integration using Travis, Jacoco and Codecov on a Java Project, here the link to Github.

Aleksey Kulikov


Top 10 Github Actions by usage: 1. Checkout 😺 2. Setup Node.js 😺 3. Setup Python 😺 4. Setup Java JDK 😺 5. Upload Artifact 😺 6. Setup Go 😺 7. Setup .NET Core SDK 😺 8. Download Artifact 😺 9. Codecov 10. GitHub Pages action 😺 – Built by Github πŸ‘‰



Codeship integrates with @codecov for code coverage. Improve your code quality and enhance your dev workflows.

Nir Galon


@nirgn975 But then I discovered @codecov. They basically scan my repo for coverage reports and merge them for me. It's so easy I'm in love!!



We just equiped our CI pipeline with @codecov. Proud to announce a 96% test coverage! βœ… (Catching up on those last 4% ASAP πŸ™Œ) Besides a brand new badge on the repo, a full coverage report will be brought to every new PR. Excited to see this improve the code review process.

fasterthanlime 🌌


ok @codecov I officially love you, getting coverage displayed right on github is πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Karoy Lorentey


Wow, @codecov is breath of fresh air. It works great with Swift projects. Configuration took about 5 seconds. ❀️



Added @codecov to my #golang builds on @github. What an awesome reporting tool beyond % of coverage.

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