Source Code Coverage

Codecov makes it easy to see absolute coverage and coverage changes overlayed with your source code, making it even easier to identify needed test areas.

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Pull Request Comments

Get a summary of coverage information directly in your workflow so that you can add and update tests quickly and effectively.

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Status Checks

Block underperforming pull requests from being merged with status checks. No more indecision if a code change has enough test coverage.

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GitHub Checks

Want to see uncovered lines directly on a GitHub pull request? Our GitHub Checks feature shows you line-by-line coverage so you can stay in your workflow.

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Command Line Interface

Streamline your workflow and save time – Codecov’s new CLI brings you coverage info without the pain of waiting for your CI to run and helps you upload coverage easily …

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VS Code Extension

Create, manage, and validate the codecov.yml right in VS Code with our latest extension. Make sure you don’t commit any mistakes and accidentally change Codecov’s behavior due to an invalid …

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Codecov + Sentry

Codecov’s Sentry integration provides test coverage data directly to Sentry’s stack trace, giving development teams actionable insights on where to fix regressions and where test coverage could prevent them, all without leaving their workflow.

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Codecov in Slack

If you’re anything like us, you dislike Slack notifications that you can’t act on.

Our Slack app solves exactly that. Get actionable code coverage data and figure out how to address gaps in coverage without leaving Slack.

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Do you split your testing between your frontend and backend? Maybe collect coverage by project in a monorepository? You can isolate coverage information based on groupings using Codecov Flags.

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Codecov’s Components feature provides a powerful tool to isolate and categorize coverage data from your project, using filters that can be defined in your codecov.yml. You can use components you …

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Report Merging

Do you generate multiple coverage reports? Codecov can handle merging them seamlessly, whether you upload multiple reports at once or across different CI/CDs

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Customize Codecov’s behavior with a developer friendly YAML file that can conform to even the most complex codebases and workflows.

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Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis takes runtime information from an application’s production environment and provides this information contextually in the Codecov dashboard and in the Codecov pull request comment. Now, in any pull …

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Multi Language, Multi CI/CD

Regardless of what languages or CI/CDs you use, we can process your code coverage uploads against your entire project. Codecov just works out of the box.

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