Codecov for Startups

When you are aggressively hiring developers into a high velocity development environment it's hard to get them onboarded, let alone confident enough to make changes to a rapidly evolving codebase.

How does Codecov help Startups?

A well tested codebase with code coverage requirements that are visible with every change to code helps new developers maintain a culture of coverage, learn how to write tests, and get more comfortable making changes to code without fear.

Improve Code Coverage by 30% in 4 Weeks

For organizations starting with coverage under 70% Codecov has historically been able to improve coverage by ~32% within 30 days.*

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Maintain Code Quality on Growing Teams

Your team is constantly growing and evolving. Onboard new team members quickly and safely by putting in clear governance for coverage using Codecov’s coverage gates.

Coverage Gates

Onboard New Developers Faster, and With More Confidence

A well-tested codebase gives developers the confidence they need to quickly make changes without fear of breaking things. With a fast growing team it’s more important than ever to ensure developers feel comfortable making changes.

Organize Code Coverage As Your Team Evolves

As your engineering team grows and teams emerge around different parts of the codebase Codecov is flexible enough to adapt. Using Codecov’s flags you can organize and report on code coverage in a way that makes sense for your individual teams as well as your broader team.

Codecov Flags

Want to Build a Culture of Coverage at Your Startup?

Check out some of our resources to see how you can instill a coverage mindset from the very beginning.

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