Codecov for Startups

When you are aggressively hiring developers into a high velocity development environment it's hard to get them onboarded, let alone confident enough to make changes to a rapidly evolving codebase.

How does Codecov help Startups?

A well tested codebase with code coverage requirements that are visible with every change to code helps new developers maintain a culture of coverage, learn how to write tests, and get more comfortable making changes to code without fear.

Improve Code Coverage by 30% in 4 Weeks

For organizations starting with coverage under 70% Codecov has historically been able to improve coverage by ~32% within 30 days.*

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Maintain Code Quality on Growing Teams

Your team is constantly growing and evolving. Onboard new team members quickly and safely by putting in clear governance for coverage using Codecov’s coverage gates.

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Onboard New Developers Faster, and With More Confidence

A well-tested codebase gives developers the confidence they need to quickly make changes without fear of breaking things. With a fast growing team it’s more important than ever to ensure developers feel comfortable making changes.

Organize Code Coverage As Your Team Evolves

As your engineering team grows and teams emerge around different parts of the codebase Codecov is flexible enough to adapt. Using Codecov’s flags you can organize and report on code coverage in a way that makes sense for your individual teams as well as your broader team.

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Hundreds of Startups Ship Healthier Code with Codecov

Codecov helps developers at high-growth and fast-paced startups all over the globe ship healthier code with confidence.


What people are saying...

Petr Stuchlík


If anyone is interested in a simple #TypeScript project with a @CircleCI pipeline and #Jest coverage data published to @codecov, here you go:

Petr Stuchlík


If anyone is interested in a simple #TypeScript project with a @CircleCI pipeline and #Jest coverage data published to @codecov, here you go:

Cesar William


I just published "Best Practices for Building JavaScript SDKs with TypeScript" #javascript #typescript #rollup #prettier #jest #codecov #lerna @codecov @typescript @PrettierCode @RollupJS

Peter Steinberger


@bvccaneer Haven't seen a good service that gets a quality score for Swift. Was tweeting about today and my hope that they might adopt Swift. I tried SQ a year ago and wasn't impressed. Also: Coverage != Quality. For Coverage use @codecov

Leo G Dion still @Home


Continuous Integration for your Swift Package is important. In my latest post, learn how to 🤖 Setup @github actions and @Travisci 🐧 Support Linux 🧪 Report code coverage with @codecov ✅ Verify code quality 🚚 Prepare distribution via @SwiftPMLibrary

Karoy Lorentey


Wow, @codecov is breath of fresh air. It works great with Swift projects. Configuration took about 5 seconds. ❤️

Swift Weekly


Learn how to create a pod from scratch and utilize #Travis and #Codecov to make the pod robust.

Yohan J. Rodríguez


#Swift #Automated | Learn how to create a pod from scratch and utilize Travis and Codecov to make the pod robust.

Eneko Alonso


Got one of my Linux/Mac Swift SPM frameworks working on @travisci with code coverage tracked by @codecov. Goal is 100% coverage. #swiftlang #swift #coverage #unittesting

 Grégoire


First contruction with Travis CI and CodeCov not easy but I managed #travis #codecov #github #swift #developer #iOS

Tom Hu 🥑


Amazing write-up on integrating @codecov with #Swift projects

Vincent DAUCE 🇫🇷 🐧


I improved my CI pipeline for (php email parser) - from Travis to @github Actions - from Coveralls to @codecov - from Scrutinizer to @codacy #GitHubActions is very nice and thanks to @ThibaudDauce for his help. I'm still stuck to auto-commit PHP CS Fixer

Fabian Franz


@codecov thanks for the fix of php coverage today. Your Service Rocks!

Hoa project


We are thinking about switching from to Thoughts? #php #test #codeCoverage

Damián Rotta


#100DaysOfCode R3D17: I got a full PHP code coverage using PHPUnit but my codecov reports don't work properly yet.

Mike Pretzlaw


Thanks @codecov ! Increasing the coverage with your suggestions was fun today! Never made is this quick from 0% to 80% #ci #phpunit #php



global-codecov (1.0.0): Codecov gem lets you run codecov for any language from ruby

Christopher Reichert

@creichert07 is practically the only viable option reporting Haskell coverage and getting results on the PR. They handle mono-repos well too.

Sebastian Wild


Got my first #opensource pull request merged. Can't wait that the package gets build and uploaded to #hackage. #codecov-haskell

Thomas J. Fan


@kslimes Just read your post on "Making a first Julia pull request". Using codecov to find tests to write for new contributors is a awesome idea!

Katie Hyatt


Super excited that we now have @codecov working for #julialang! It's so pretty! Now to figure out how "partial" and "branches" work in Julia

Anatoly Pulyaevskiy


Just got my @travisci build publish code coverage to @codecov generated by official @dart_lang "coverage" package. No extra packages. Sweet!

Syed Umar Anis


Dart Code Coverage with Github Actions and CodeCov



I'm writing my own Lisp in #Python! #100daysofcode Days 1~3: I've set up parsers for basic constructs, the functionality of which I'm verifying through `hypothesis`. I've also set up Travis CI and Codecov.

Átila Alves Neves


I didn't know @codecov was easy to use / set up for #dlang. I should have done it ages ago!

Rust Language


Rust Code Coverage Guide: kcov + Travis CI + Codecov / Coveralls



Added @codecov to my #golang builds on @github. What an awesome reporting tool beyond % of coverage.

Aditya pratap singh


@codecov team is amazing. I was having issues setting up my first #golang project with codecov and they personally helped me to resolve it.

Nathan Youngman


Set up @codecov for Buford APNS library. Love the cute mascot. ❤️ #golang #codecoverage

Stefan Prodan


Having some fun this weekend with #GitHub Actions building a generic workflow for #golang apps and #docker. Adding codecov and goreleaser support is next.

Torkel Ödegaard


switched from coveralls to codecov, really nice that i can merge reports for different languages. Now have golang and js code coverage!



Identicon gets an A+ on and 100% test coverage on ! #golang @codecov #goreportcard

Fausto Siqueira


Starting with the @codecov + @travisci combo ! GoLang projects are very straightforward to integrate with. :)

Eduard Urbach 💻


Feels great to start a new project with 100% coverage #golang #travisci #codecov

Josh Rosen


. @codecov is amazing; I've been integrating it into @databricks' open-source Scala projects and it's been a smooth process so far.

Parth Shandilya


@arichduvet @steemit Integrating Travis CI and Codecov into a Python-based Project — Steemit



Follow @shandilyaparth1 to learn how to integrate #TravisCI and #Codecov into a #Python-based project #DevOps

Drazi BTLM


Got my (still small) #python #monorepo working with @codecov and flags! Once I remembered how @github Actions and working-directory worked, it was a breeze! Now, lunch :)

Saurabh Chaturvedi


“Integrating Travis CI and Codecov into a Python based Project.” by @shandilyaparth1 -sc



Very impressed by @codecov. One line of code added = Now working on coverage for R + Python

Jeremy Lainé 🇪🇺


Usually @codecov works pretty well for #Python test coverage, but I have also encountered "uncovered" .. comment / whitespace lines. Support is not responding, has anyone else seen this problem?

Hynek Schlawack


@ghickman Is there anything except coveralls and codecov? On GHA: Coveralls is pointless because their action doesn’t support Python coverage data and manual doesn’t work in forms (token). Codecov is super flaky period. I’ll prob move to conditional cov and fail if <100% on all versions



Integrating Travis CI and Codecov into a Python-based Project #DevOps #Oss #Software engineering

Christopher Armstrong


Any people running Python projects tried @codecov? Is it more reliable/sensible than @CoverallsApp?



@jengelberg @codecov I have successfully used the @codecov Python uploader to upload code coverage reports for Mac, Linux and Windows. Something which the Bash uploader cannot do. The Python uploader needs to be brought up to speed with the Bash uploader.

Parth Shandilya


I just published “Integrating Travis CI and Codecov into a Python-based Project” @travisci @codecov @fossasia



I am happy to see more work being done on the python uploader for @Codecov.

Andrea Grandi


First time I try @codecov it's very nice! Finally a good alternative to @CoverallsApp #Python #testing

Carlos Montecinos G.


Finally managed to configure Travis, Coverage/Codecov and Whitenoise with #Django 👏👏 #python #django

[paul ɥɔɐqɹoʌ]


Setting up @codecov for projects using @java/@gradle/@travisci.

Carbace Gollegtor


Tip: @codecov setup is totally awesome! "Java 8, Maven 3, JaCoCo" built by @travisci and reported to @github PR :)

Felipe Caparelli


I'm amazed by this code coverage tool... fully integrated with github @codecov #java #github #coverage

Sam Harwell


Using @codecov, @travisci, and @appveyor to reveal and normalize behavior differences in Java's CompletableFuture:

Frederik Hahne 🏠 💻


@pascalgrimaud @codecov @java_hipster codecov is awesome! Use it in all my projects.



the happy moment of a developer ... #codecov #java #DevOps

Jorge Luis Malla


Continuous Integration using Travis, Jacoco and Codecov on a Java Project, here the link to Github.

Aleksey Kulikov


Top 10 Github Actions by usage: 1. Checkout 😺 2. Setup Node.js 😺 3. Setup Python 😺 4. Setup Java JDK 😺 5. Upload Artifact 😺 6. Setup Go 😺 7. Setup .NET Core SDK 😺 8. Download Artifact 😺 9. Codecov 10. GitHub Pages action 😺 – Built by Github 👉

Tonka 🇦🇹


Hey @lefticus , already watched your great codecov video , do you know a good coverage tool for msvc too?

Kent C. Dodds 🚀


Congrats @codecov! Been rooting for you for years. ❤️ Also, thanks for sponsoring me with @codesponsor!

Paweł Wiejacha


#Scala code coverage in github from @Codecov. Nice alternative to coveralls with a browser plugin - via @VladUreche

Kolya Korobochkin


A new WP Kit with few bug fixes and Code Coverage reports! Now CC is 96%! Links to the reports in README Thanks to @codecov



Codeship integrates with @codecov for code coverage. Improve your code quality and enhance your dev workflows.

Mateusz Szklarek


💪 A small success today connected with @bitrise & @codecov configuration in #flutter project! Great jobs guys 😍 It’s my 1️⃣st day in commercial project in Flutter and really looking forward what comes next 🎉💪

Nir Galon


@nirgn975 But then I discovered @codecov. They basically scan my repo for coverage reports and merge them for me. It's so easy I'm in love!!

William Lyon


Finally added code coverage badge to neo4j-graphql.js with @codecov You can never have too many @github badges, right? #GRANDstack

Andrew Clark


.@codecov’s GitHub browser extension is really nice



We just equiped our CI pipeline with @codecov. Proud to announce a 96% test coverage! ✅ (Catching up on those last 4% ASAP 🙌) Besides a brand new badge on the repo, a full coverage report will be brought to every new PR. Excited to see this improve the code review process.

Muhammad Radifar


Finally I got the Travis-CI and Codecov badge! Which signify that I have already completed the Python Package Development Practice by @MolSSI_NSF 😎 Thank you @jessica_a_nash, @VH__chavez, and @jpglmrodrigues !

fasterthanlime 🌌


ok @codecov I officially love you, getting coverage displayed right on github is 💗💗💗

Louis D'hauwe


.@codecov is pretty awesome in GitHub pull requests 😎

​Matthias​ ​Bussonnier


@randal_olson consider @codecov ( much happier with them + plugin that show coverage in github !

Ed Moore


Got my @codecov shirt today!

Vlad Ureche


#Scala code coverage in github thx to @codecov! Install and visit



Want a VS Code-like command palette on GitHub? And code coverage overlays (via @codecov)? And other similar overlays soon, for logging, tracing, security, perf, etc.? Sourcegraph now polyfills a real extension API into GitHub (+ more code hosts soon).



How can our newly acquired @renovatebot paired with Travis CI and CodeCov help you #automate as much maintenance as possible? Software expert @pat_scott breaks it down in his latest @hackernoon guide. Learn more here: #DataStrategy #DataManagement

Davide Moro 🇮🇹


Show off your code coverage with @codecov! Free for open source and easy to setup (30 seconds)

Alejandro de la Vega


TFW when you thought someone commented on your pull request, but it just @codecov telling you to step your testing game up.

Viktor Belenyesi


Badge unlocked: 100% coverage on @codecov! Post is coming... #Swift #swiftlang #SaturdaySwift #iosdev #iosdeveloper

Daniel G A Smith


Who’s says Code Coverage cannot be pretty? @codecov @PSI_Code #compchem

Azure DevOps


Are you using a code coverage tool? How do you know your tests actually exercise your code? Integrate @Codecov into your CI pipeline and get great reports that help you improve your coverage. Learn more:


Thanks to @codecov+@travisci+@appveyor! We achieved 68% test coverage at

Liran Tal 💚 Node.js Security


it amazes me how far opensource has advanced a package that serves thousands of users is adhering to code coverage thresholds (@codecov), has continuous integration safety net (@travisci), and ensures no security vulnerabilities introduced to the project (@snyksec) 🌈✨

Dr. Juniper L Simonis (they/them)


IDK I'm really proud of my first automated code coverage report @codecov @travis #BabysFirst #Rstats #CodeCov



We (and many of our customers) use @codecov to view and track code coverage. So we worked with them to ship something.. ➡️ See @codecov code coverage overlaid on your code on GitHub ⭐

Roland Siebelink


Listen to CodeCov CEO Jerrod Engelberg explain how the company has changed code coverage from a backward-looking practice to a forward-looking practice.


Ondřej Pišín


I highly recommend @GitHub Actions CI, it's way faster, easier and more intuitive to set up than Gitlab, Jenkins, or even Travis. How pull request overview and handling are great is well known, but you can see tests as well as code coverage report (thanks to @Codecov).#iosdev #CI

Philippe Ozil


Feeling pretty proud about last week's Developer Evangelism team effort. We ran a Jest enablement session and wrote hundreds of tests for 80+ #LightningWebComponents. The team did great job in boosting overall code coverage for all sample apps.

Maurício Aniche


Thomas Hu is teaching our CSE1110 students everything that @codecov has learned over years after analyzing the code coverage of 140k+ open source projects!!



iOS project template with @travisci build service, @FastlaneTools lanes and @github integrations of @DangerSystems, @houndci for SwitfLint and @codecov. Distribution via @hockeyapp: #ios #DevOps #fastlane #codecov #travisci

Wilfred Hughes


By contrast, I don't think code coverage services have an obvious default featureset. I personally like to see coverage trends, the ability to explore coverage, and context on tests. I lean towards codecov at the moment, but coveralls has advantages too.

Chris Withers


Anyone know of an alternative to @CoverallsApp? They're pretty unresponsive to issues, eg:

Fabian Franz


@ryanszrama @slimphp beats coveralls by far ... Comments just nerve, but @codecov gives nice report of coverage changing on a PR.

Yoshiya Hinosawa


Personally I don't think there is any reason to choose coveralls over codecov anymore now.



@codecov codecov is awesome. Just switched one of my projects from Coveralls to codecov. :-)


@yogurtphp codecov switched from coveralls to codecov updated travis-ci settings

Adam Rackis


Are there any reasons to pick coveralls over codecov? I tried both, and the quality was clearly better in codecov, on every metric I could see. Are they just newer, with some projects still on the older coveralls, or are there advantages I just wasn't seeing?

NLog .Net Logging


@ngeor @appveyor we use codecov instead of coveralls. No tokens needed, so less hassle (and works directly in forks) @codecov

Mark Story


So far, I’m liking the codecov interface much more than coveralls.

Ain Tohvri


Switched from Codecov to Coveralls. Works out of the box for #Rails projects avoiding unnecessary config code. #tdd #testdriven #devops

David Moreno-García


I'm trying #codecov for the first time and I must say that although I'm not a Coveralls pro user, Codecov UI is way better. I like it.

Fotis Gimian


If you're still on Coveralls, be sure to give @codecov a try, it's a much nicer experience. I'm migrating my projects over now! :)

Mikeal Rogers


@gr2m @izs i just had a case where the codecov report from lconv showed me something the coveralls UI didn't :(

Evan You


Switched from Travis to @circleci, build triggers much faster. Also switched from coveralls to @codecov, the UI is much better.



"@SlackHQ is by far the most popular third-party integration with close to 1.6 million runs in Q4 of 2019" - The State of App Development is out! @GooglePlay , @codecov, @hockeyapp, @crashlytics, @SonarQube, @awscloud and @GIPHY all made the list 👇

Tom Hu 🥑


Amazing to see @codecov so high on @bitrise's list of most-used integrations!



We have a new integration @Codecov Android by @guitcastro 🎉 #status



@github is working with all the companies pictured to provide seamless integration @CircleCI @cloudbees @HashiCorp @jfrog @codecov...



Quickest way to get started with #CI and #CodeCoverage 👉 🛠 @CircleCI @codecov #bash @github ⌨️ @thomasrockhu 🥑 😎 #AwesomeStacks



Love go-to-definition, hovers, and refs on GitHub (using Sourcegraph for Chrome/Firefox)? The Sourcegraph extension API (alpha) takes this to the next level. It supports showing other useful code overlays: @codecov and soon logs/traces/lint/security/etc.



[Live webinar tomorrow @ 11am PST] Learn how you can use @codecov and CircleCI #orbs to make code coverage easy. Register now:

Dr. Jean Fan


Deploy with confidence! Automate testing of your #Rstats package w/ @TravisCI + #testthat + @codecov: Ensure your package will install and run as expected across multiple systems. Plus, you get cool badges. #JustProgrammerThings #bioinformatics #Rladies

GitHub Education


Develop healthier code!🍎💻 Improve your code review workflow and quality for school projects or in your next internship. Get free access to @Codecov on public and private repositories with the @GitHub Student Developer Pack. #GitHubPack

Gerhard Preuss


@codecov provides great PR comments! You see a separate #coverage for your newly added code (patch)! Give it a try

BinHong 🛡


CI/CD goes brrr... Automation can be a little painful to setup at first but it'd also saves you a lot of time in manually upgrading packages. GitHub repo link: (@renovatebot + @CircleCI + @codecov + @mergifyio)



A million thanks to @codecov for supporting #opensource with free unlimited repos! Just moved to use codecov’s 🔥coverage reports & it couldn’t have been easier. All it took was just a magic one word cmd in the CI and it Just Works™. . .

Vuyisile Ndlovu


I spent the better half of today trying to get that pretty codecov badge in there. Tests pass, & test coverage is at 89%. Not bad for a days work. Next up, documentation🥳🎉🍾!!

Juraj Slavíček


#100DaysOfCode D2 #DevOps day today. Setting up linting, testing, git flow, graphQL codegen ... Thanks @Netlify and @codecov for deployment done in less than hour That package.json getting nicer 🤗 #reactjs #webdev

Michael Ferguson


Day 3 of my #NationalRoboticsWeek blogathon. You've heard you should #StayAtHome. You should probably also #TestYourCode. Today we look at my code_coverage #goROS package and how to integrate with @codecov:

Andreas Möller


👋 Have you noticed that @codecov now annotates a pull request on @github when you forgot to write tests for production code? ❤️ Very nice!

Billcountry 👻


@codecov Great product! Just got comments for each line that is not covered on my PR.

Xavi Portilla (en casa 🏰)


My article about Devops in your Alexa Skill with @nodejs @bespokenio @codecov and @CircleCI is on the @DZoneInc Homepage! Soon with @github Actions and ASK CLI v2! #DevOps #AlexaSkills

Northeastern U.


Follow along as a @CCISatNU student shares his #NUexperience on co-op @codecov in Amsterdam. 👻: northeasternu



We've added another exciting deal to our Perks Page! Treehouse students can now enjoy 2 months of @codecov free:

Tom Hu 🥑


Huge shoutout to all the new partners on the @GitHubEducation Student Developer Pack! Especially proud of the @codecov team for getting code coverage tools in front of the next generation of software developers.

Christian Blavier


I actually ended up switching from @codeclimate to @codecov Some explanations in this post:


tunnckoCore.eth 🇧🇬 • Sometimes Radical & Extreme


@lukeed05 @Smotko Cool. I really liked Codecov because nothing is needed -just this single line. While other services are needing manually add a repo, then get token & whatnot. Which is too many clicks & stuff when you open-source couple of repos per day. That's why I left Codeclimate before years

Nelson Correia


Loving the look of @codecov features! going to sub @codeclimate on next project to give it a try! #code #coverage

Alexander Popov 🔥


@proofit404 @_solnic_ @dry_py @codecov I'm using @codecov almost for all my OSS projects and I like it more than @codeclimate.

Paul D. 🇨🇦


@Numsigmernen BTW I don't have a preferred code coverage platform yet. I'm moving away from CodeClimate and have used Coveralls but the interface is pretty meh. Will take a look at CodeCov.

Juliana Gomez 🦋


@jahirfiquitiva @github @travisci @nodejs @reactjs we use @codecov and @codeclimate but tbh, code climate needs to be tweaked a lot because sometimes the code duplicate notifications get out of hand

Nelson Correia


@brynary @CodeClimate is superb! But I love how @codecov comments on Pull Requests w/ coverage summary & integrates w/ @GitHub commit status

Dalton Matos


@SonarQube @github - My biggest surprise when first using Sonar is that there's no separated checks for Pull Request coverage and (overall) project coverage. Even on you own screenshot it shows @travisci doing this. Every other tool I used had this: @codecov, @CoverallsApp and @codeclimate. 4/

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