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Over 29k enterprises across the globe rely on Codecov's code coverage insights to ensure the code they are producing meets quality standards.

As a result of Carryforward Flags, we can now get coverage for all our apps and packages in our monorepo (over 70 apps and hundreds of packages) in a way that is easy to use and easy for teams to digest.

Daniel Straus
Engineering Manager

Open Source

Codecov believes in supporting the open source community. That is why Codecov will always be free for open source projects.

One of our favorite tools for open source repos @containershipio is easily @codecov. Code coverage checking automatically added to PRs with almost zero effort to set up. Some clever and beautiful graphs, too 🌈

Matt Kelly
Senior Software Engineer


Moving fast is critical, but the velocity at which you ship code shouldn't have an inverse relationship with code quality.

Codecov is perfect for startups that want to move fast, and avoid breaking things.

Codecov makes our development team more effective by acting as an additional reviewer.

James Bowes
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