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With hundreds of contributors and thousands of pull requests it's hard to maintain the quality of code contributed to open source projects.

How can Codecov Help?

Codecov is a free tool for open source projects to help contributors maintain code quality through improved test coverage.

No Cost Code Coverage

Codecov believes in supporting the open source community. That is why Codecov will always be free for open source projects.

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Expose Coverage Information to Contributors

Codecov’s PR comments ensure contributors receive coverage information delivered to them directly on their pull request.

PR Comments

Maintain Coverage on Open Source Contributions

Use Codecov’s status checks to block pull requests that fail to meet coverage targets and adhere to testing requirements.

Status Checks

Rapidly Evolve Without Compromising Quality

Ensure you can consistently evolve your project to support organizations that rely on your project without compromising code quality.

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60K+ Open Source Customers

Over 60K open source projects rely on Codecov to maintain code coverage and ensure the quality of their code.


What people are saying...



A million thanks to @codecov for supporting #opensource with free unlimited repos! Just moved to use codecov’s 🔥coverage reports & it couldn’t have been easier. All it took was just a magic one word cmd in the CI and it Just Works™. . .

Evan You


Switched from Travis to @circleci, build triggers much faster. Also switched from coveralls to @codecov, the UI is much better.

Davide Moro 🇮🇹


Show off your code coverage with @codecov! Free for open source and easy to setup (30 seconds)

Billcountry 👻


@codecov Great product! Just got comments for each line that is not covered on my PR.

Sebastian Wild


Got my first #opensource pull request merged. Can't wait that the package gets build and uploaded to #hackage. #codecov-haskell

Andreas Möller


👋 Have you noticed that @codecov now annotates a pull request on @github when you forgot to write tests for production code? ❤️ Very nice!

Gerhard Preuss


@codecov provides great PR comments! You see a separate #coverage for your newly added code (patch)! Give it a try

Alejandro de la Vega


TFW when you thought someone commented on your pull request, but it just @codecov telling you to step your testing game up.

Liran Tal 💚 Node.js Security


it amazes me how far opensource has advanced a package that serves thousands of users is adhering to code coverage thresholds (@codecov), has continuous integration safety net (@travisci), and ensures no security vulnerabilities introduced to the project (@snyksec) 🌈✨

Josh Rosen


. @codecov is amazing; I've been integrating it into @databricks' open-source Scala projects and it's been a smooth process so far.



Very impressed by @codecov. One line of code added = Now working on coverage for R + Python

Felipe Caparelli


I'm amazed by this code coverage tool... fully integrated with github @codecov #java #github #coverage

Frederik Hahne 🏠 💻


@pascalgrimaud @codecov @java_hipster codecov is awesome! Use it in all my projects.

Nir Galon


@nirgn975 But then I discovered @codecov. They basically scan my repo for coverage reports and merge them for me. It's so easy I'm in love!!

William Lyon


Finally added code coverage badge to neo4j-graphql.js with @codecov You can never have too many @github badges, right? #GRANDstack

fasterthanlime 🌌


ok @codecov I officially love you, getting coverage displayed right on github is 💗💗💗

Karoy Lorentey


Wow, @codecov is breath of fresh air. It works great with Swift projects. Configuration took about 5 seconds. ❤️

Mike Pretzlaw


Thanks @codecov ! Increasing the coverage with your suggestions was fun today! Never made is this quick from 0% to 80% #ci #phpunit #php

Aditya pratap singh


@codecov team is amazing. I was having issues setting up my first #golang project with codecov and they personally helped me to resolve it.

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