Codecov for Education

Gaining open access to development tools to learn the foundations of CI / CD is sometimes difficult. Codecov wants to make this a little easier.

How Codecov Helps Educators and Students

Codecov is a free and accesible tool to help introduce testing and code coverage concepts to students just beginning to learn CI / CD basics.

Free Code Coverage for Students and Educators

Codecov is dedicated to teaching students the importance of software testing and code coverage. For this reason Codecov will always be free for students and educators.

Included with Github Student Developer Pack & Treehouse Student Perks

As part of the  GitHub Student Developer Pack and Treehouse Student Perks programs Codecov is accessible to students for free. These programs provide students free access to the best developer tools in one place so they can learn by doing.

Easily Work From One Org / Repo

With the GitHub Student Developer Pack it’s easy to cover the fundamentals of CI, software testing, and code coverage using one repository and GitHub org. Students will have access automatically.

Multi Language, Multi CI/CD

Codecov has the flexibility to handle whatever language, CI, and testing suite you are using to teach the fundamentals of continuous delivery.

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Need To Better Understand Code Coverage?

Find resources below to learn more about software testing, code coverage, and how Codecov helps students and educators ship healthier code.

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