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5 Code Coverage Awards to Give your Team

December 14, 2018 Jerrod Engelberg

The end of the year is coming soon, but before it ends, it’s time to reflect on all the things that have happened in the past year. Celebrating progress in your code coverage goals is a great way to have fun with your engineering team.

So, we’ve come up with a list of 5 code coverage awards for you to give away. (We highly suggest including certificates and gift cards…)


Any good professional awards season must start with the most valuable player.  In the world of testing, this person is consistently striving for 100% coverage, not simply to achieve the goal, but also because they understand the importance of code quality to the team.  Being an MVP isn’t just about personal achievement, it is also about lifting the other members of the team and making everyone better.

The Ol’ Faithful

The Ol’ Faithful reward is for the strong, silent, consistent type.  This person is constantly submitting their work with 100% coverage, but never seeking the credit.  Day after day, they put out good code with good tests for great results. If your team was a band, and code coverage was the music, this person would be the drummer: always keeping time smoothly and consistently, but a rock star in their own right.

The Overachiever

“Wait… wait… your code coverage is 110%? I… I didn’t know that was possible.”

Like the Ol’ Faithful, the Overachiever is constantly at 100% coverage, but then they take it 15 steps further.  They constantly look for new and better ways to cover their code. Innovative testing strategies are the name of their game.  Eager and excited, your overachiever loves being appreciated for going above and beyond.

The Most Improved

Everyone needs improvement, but some need more than others.  It’s always great to see team members take initiative and raise their game.  Most teams have that one person whose code coverage numbers were low, but they bought in, and now their numbers are improving with each commit.  That person deserves a shout out for the progress they have made.

The Monitor

This is the award for the person who has their eye on the prize.  If asked, they always know the overall coverage metric. Is your team at 80%? 90%? 100%?  This person will know. They pay attention to the changes made by each commit. The monitor isn’t about shaming other team members or touting their own superiority.  No, this is the person who always kept the score on the playground. The one who understands that sometimes making the team better means just keeping an eye on what is happening.

There are plenty of other awards you could and should think up for your team.  We like to have fun, but ultimately, our goal is help you and your team create a culture around code quality.  Strong culture means understanding your history and celebrating your successes. So even if it’s just a firm handshake and a “good job,” make sure your teammates no you appreciate their work to make your code better every day.

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