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How Codecov Helped UJET Maintain Their 85% Code Coverage Requirement

  • Host: Jerrod Engelberg
  • Guest: Dave Bullock


UJET is the world’s first cloud contact center platform for smartphone-based customer experience (CX) management. UJET modernizes experiences and unifies the enterprise brand experience across sales, marketing, and support, eliminating the frustration of channel switching for consumers. Their platform is enterprise-grade and SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliant.

UJET has a broad product portfolio with a rapidly expanding surface area in the customer experience space. UJET focuses on a balance of refactoring existing code and releasing new features to their customers while remaining heavily focused on testing and testing coverage. Their customers care deeply about security and compliance and use Codecov to help them accomplish their goals.

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Codecov puts your test right in a place where everyone is looking. When I see red on the Codecov report I know it’s not up to our coverage standards. It makes it easy for leadership, so they don’t have to read every PR, I can see at a high level if what the team is doing is improving our test coverage. I’m a big fan.

Dave Bullock
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UJET needed a tool to help them maintain their 85% code coverage requirement and to take them from reviewing coverage quarterly to reviewing it instantly as they scale and grow their platform. The tool would need to make coverage changes obvious and in real-time so that leadership can quickly see what’s going on with their code coverage.


UJET chose Codecov because it helps shift catching bugs towards the beginning of the development cycle, it unlocks data from coverage artifacts that are often difficult to see and analyze. Codecov gives UJET a “window into the factory” so that leadership can see what’s changing with their code coverage at a high level which allows for a shorter and faster feedback loop.

Getting the UJET team onboarded with Codecov was easy according to Dave Bullock, VP of Engineering at UJET. With the team’s 85% coverage requirement, Codecov makes it easier to visualize and track coverage in real-time, which was a “big win” according to Dave.

Using Codecov Moving Forward

As UJET continues to grow its platform, Codecov has helped create a positive feedback loop of increased coverage so that engineers are rewarded for adding more test coverage. They can increase test coverage while paying off tech debt.

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