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The Top 8 Software Testing Blogs

January 10, 2022 Joel Olawanle

If you work in software quality assurance or software testing, you probably look for ways to keep up with trends and improve your testing practices. One way is to follow the blogs of industry leaders. There are a number of blogs out there, though, and it can be tricky to find the best ones to focus on.

This article offers a roundup of eight testing blogs you should follow, based on factors such as update frequency, content quality, variety of topics, popularity, and author’s experience.



Google Testing Blog

Google Testing Blog

This blog grew out of the 2006 inaugural Google Test Automation Conference, which drew roughly one hundred fifty participants. Many people expressed an interest in learning from people who work in testing at Google, so Google launched its blog in January 2007 to share its experiences with the rest of the developer community and to exchange ideas about solutions to challenges.

The information published on this site is of the highest quality, having been authored by a variety of experienced Google testing specialists. Content is posted randomly throughout the year, with the three posts in 2021 being the fewest so far. Over 400 blog posts on topics like mutation testing and test flakiness are available.



TestGuild Blog

Joe Colantonio started TestGuild in 2010 with the purpose of helping others discover insights, tools, methods, and best practices that would help them speed up their automation, security, performance, and DevOps testing efforts. TestGuild is a blog, podcast, and online conference. It is an affordable software engineering education platform dedicated to helping testers and their organizations succeed in test automation.

Automation testing, performance testing, security testing, and software testing are all covered in this blog. There is no set schedule for new posts, but at least one is published every two months.

Key posts include “What is Automation Testing: The Ultimate Guide”, which explains the pitfalls of manual testing and the benefits of automation for both testers and developers, and “Top Free Automation Tools for Testing Desktop Applications (2021)”, which lists the top fifteen free automation testing tools for desktop applications and explains the pros and cons of each of them.

Content is generally updated as needed. When “Top Free Automation Tools for Testing Desktop Applications (2021)”) was published in 2019, White Framework was among the tools this article listed. It was later deprecated, though, and the post was updated in 2021 to reflect that change.


Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help Blog

Software Testing Help (STH) is one of the most popular blogs on software testing and quality assurance issues, with thousands of testing professionals visiting the blog every day for information. Vijay Shinde launched the blog in November 2006.

Software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, testing tools, interview questions, web testing, testing templates, quality assurance, testing certifications, books, career advice, job openings, and the latest trends are among the topics covered on the blog.

Manual or automated testing experts provide blog posts at least once a week.
The blog also invites English-language contributions from readers who are experts in their disciplines.


On Test Automation

On Test Automation Blog

Bas Dijkstra’s blog On Test Automation launched in November 2013 with the post “A very basic web service test tool”. The goal of Dijkstra’s blog is to help others become better test automation engineers. Dijkstra has been active in the test automation field for some fifteen years now, first as an engineer but these days mostly as a trainer and consultant. He also hosts a few free, open-source workshops on GitHub:

His blog has over one hundred and eighty posts on various topics such as “An introduction to contract testing” and “Writing tests for GraphQL APIs in Python using requests”. Publication of the posts follows no specific schedule, but there is at least one new post every three months.


LambdaTest Blog

LambdaTest Blog

The LambdaTest blog is maintained by LambdaTest, a cross-browser testing cloud specializing in automated and live interactive cross-browser testing. Its goal is to build the most powerful, comprehensive, and secure cloud test platform on the market, assisting software testers and developers all over the world to perform intelligent testing at scale.

Software testing tutorials, LambdaTest experiments, responsive testing, manual testing, automation testing, browser compatibility testing, Selenium tutorials, web testing, mobile testing, quality assurance, career advice, and trends are all covered on the blog.

A number of authors/experts write about various elements of testing, and new articles are published at least twice a week, with no set day for publication.


A Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball

A Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball Blog

This blog analyzes testing in the past, present, and future. It covers a variety of topics, including testing, test automation, public speaking, and approval testing. Maaret Pyhäjärvi is the owner of this site. She is a tester at Polyglot, a programmer, a speaker at events in twenty-seven countries, an author, and a mentor who has won numerous prizes in the field of testing.

Her blog has garnered 771,804 total page views with over 700 blog posts at the time of writing this article. There is no fixed schedule for the publication of new posts, although they are published at least once a month.


Software Testing News

Software Testing News Blog

One of the most prominent blogs about software testing is Software Testing News, which gives the latest on quality assurance and testing in general. This blog contains information about testers, AI development, software testing conferences, QA features, and much more to help you enhance your QA strategy.

Software Testing News also interviews a variety of testing specialists about their experiences, career highs and lows, difficulties and achievements, current job, most recent projects, advice to others, and the industry figures they most like.

Ronald Cummings-John co-founded this site, which published its first article in 2012. Blog posts are updated on a regular basis (an average of three per week).



Testhead Blog

Michael Larsen runs the blog Testhead. In 1992, he left his rock and roll career to work as a software tester at Cisco Systems. While at Cisco, he worked with a variety of technologies including virtual machine software and distributed database and web applications.

He has co-authored a chapter in the book How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing and produced a software testing podcast for SoftwareTestPro.

Now he writes about continuous testing, the use of artificial intelligence in the testing world, and how to apply agile practices. Almost every working day, he publishes a new post in which he interviews some of the best software testers to hear their thoughts on a particular test topic.

The blog began in 2010, and Larsen has published over 1,300 blog posts with at least two posts per month and at least thirty-one posts per year since then. Posts offer information about software delivery, software development, software testing, and online test conferences, among other topics.


If you want to advance your testing career, it’s important to continually increase your knowledge and improve your business practices. Reading industry blogs can help keep you up to date on news, trends, and opinions from thought leaders in the testing and QA field.

The expert blogs listed above will give you readily available insights into QA and software testing that you can use at your own organization or to get further involved in the testing community.

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