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Product Update: Codecov API V2, Building on Feedback, and Improved Repo Onboarding

October 20, 2022 Cassie Gatton

Codecov API V2

We’re excited to announce a new v2 release of the Codecov API. The Codecov API is used by many of our developers daily to understand and improve their code coverage. With these updates to the Codecov API, you can now pull data into external dashboards and can pull flag data (including historical flag data). Users can now use Coverage Trends to aggregate coverage data over time, access their flags list, and use Flag Coverage to track coverage trends on a given flag over time. This article details what this means for users and how you can get started with the new API. Documentation for the new API is now available.


Improved Repo Onboarding

To make it as easy as possible to set up Codecov, we’ve updated our repo onboarding instructions to make things clearer. Now, you’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to get a repo up and running on Codecov. We wanted to clarify exactly what steps were important to follow to get the most value out of Codecov. We’ve updated token info to make it easier to simply copy and paste, streamlined verbiage to make the steps easier to follow, and included visuals to show what success looks like in this process. Additionally, we’ve made sure to link out to documentation if, as you set up a repo, you’d like more info on any pieces of the process.


Building on Customer Feedback

In the last few months, we’ve spent time evaluating our user interface and seeing where we had opportunities to improve.  You’ve likely seen by now that we have gone through a complete revamp of our entire app experience. This sort of migration is never an easy thing, and even if everything goes perfectly, there’s always the friction of learning a new way of interacting with and using a tool. As we’ve made this transition we’ve kept an open dialog about what we’re doing and solicited feedback along the way, primarily in this Github issue.

Through that feedback, we heard from users about what they felt was missing or was suboptimal in the new experience. So we’ve been working hard to include that feedback in our prioritization as we launch new features and iterate on existing ones.

To improve usability and accessibility we’ve:

  • changed to tabular fonts that make tables easier to read
  • bug fixes
  • added better error messaging to help with self-troubleshooting
  • adjusted icons to make them more distinguishable at a glance

Some larger projects are still being iterated on incrementally including:

  • adding back in visualizations (including the sunburst)
  • updates to our new file viewer to be more readable
  • improvements to accessibility by making the app more color-blind friendly

We’ve got several additional features in the works for our final quarter of the year based directly on your feedback and will continue to iterate on what we’ve built as we hear more. Almost every person at Codecov is reading the feedback you send and we deeply appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we can improve.

Please keep it coming and we’ll do everything we can to build something that makes your experience with code coverage the best it can be.

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