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May Product Update: Browser Extension and Quality of Life Updates

May 31, 2023 Cassie Gatton

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Codecov Coverage Browser Extension

Sometimes work feels like the inside of a popcorn machine – noisy and impossible to hide from distractions. In an effort to simplify code reviews and your day in general, we built a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that helps identify needed test areas by showing you absolute coverage and coverage changes overlaid with your code right in the GitHub UI (GitLab and Bitbucket coming soon).



Once installed, you’ll see:

  • A code coverage overlay on both commits and pull requests.
  • View coverage by Flag or Component directly in the GitHub UI
  • See code coverage for both public and private repositories

Since it’s in beta, it does have some limitations – here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The extension only supports GitHub (GitLab and Bitbucket coming soon)
  • Self-hosted and dedicated namespace deployments of Codecov are currently unsupported.
  • Note: Must have GitHub’s Global navigation update enabled

The extension is open source, we welcome any and all contributions and feedback.

Some quality of life updates:

Sometimes it’s the little things like a copy tweak that really can make an app less frustrating and easier to use. In the spirit of that, we wanted to highlight those little things.

  • Confirmation added that when you try to erase repo contents, it’s working in the background so you can navigate away
  • Updates to our settings page to better organize various tokens and prepare for upcoming new functionality
  • Brought back chart labeling on the analytics tab – because what’s a chart without proper labels?
  • Some fit and finish in the app to make the things like coverage data and links more prominent.

Speeding up Swift coverage using new Codecov uploader arguments

Codecov handles many types of coverage reports for dozens of languages. But uploading coverage for Swift has been challenging for users.

We have released version 0.4.0 of the uploader which now contains two arguments: --xs and --xsp which should help speed up Swift coverage conversion and upload time to Codecov.

Using the new Swift uploader arguments

Previously, the way to upload Swift coverage reports to Codecov was by using the xc and xp arguments. These arguments will be deprecated in favor of the new xs and xsp arguments.

To use the new Swift conversion, add it to the list of arguments when calling the Codecov uploader.

./codecov -t –xs # with no project specified
./codecov -t –xs –xsp MyProject # to specify a project in order to speed up conversion

The uploader will automatically look for projects that contain Swift coverage information without the xsp argument and convert them using xcrun. These arguments are not yet available on the GitHub Action or Bitrise Step, and we will be working to add them in shortly.

If you have any questions or feedback on uploading coverage for Swift, tell us. Get started today with the Chrome or Firefox Codecov Browser Extension, drop us a line and let us know what you think. And if you’re new to Codecov you can try it for free today or request a demo to get started.

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