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April Product Update

April 27, 2023 Cassie Gatton

April brings fools, showers, and supposedly May flowers — at least in parts of the world where it’s considered “Spring”. While this post does not have any jokes or terrible weather, it does come with a handful of updates that will make your May suck less: the ability to delete flags, some enhancements to the Codecov UI, and an even more customizable experience.


Updates to the Commit List

You can now filter your commit list by CI Status — see all commits stuck in “pending” or get a quick view of any that may have errored. OR you can bury your head in the sand and only look at successful commits if you want. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.


We also made some QOL updates to the way we surface commits to make it easier to navigate and find the information you need in your commit history:

  • Search function: You can now quickly jump to the specific commit you’re looking for using a search function. Simply enter the commit’s title or short SHA to find it.
  • Filter by CI Status: We’ve added a filtering function that lets you view all commits based on their CI Status. You can easily see which commits are pending or errored, OR you can bury your head in the sand and only look at successful commits if you want.
  • View all commits on all branches: Sometimes you may want to see the most recent commit across all branches in your repository. You can now do this by selecting the “All branches” option at the top of the branch context selector.
  • Diff view of a file: We’ve added a new feature that displays the diff view of a file on an individual commit, allowing you to see line additions and subtractions alongside your coverage info.

Flag Deletion

Deleting individual flags is one of the most requested features since we launched our dedicated flags tab.

Well, now you can. Simply navigate to the flags tab within a repo and choose to delete a flag on the right-hand side of the page. Once deleted, the flag will no longer show up on the flags tab or be processed by us.


Please note: This feature is limited to Codecov admins only, and once a flag is deleted, it cannot be undone. Once a flag is deleted it can’t be reused, as doing so may result in data integrity issues, so if you want to upload the same coverage from a deleted flag, you’ll want to upload using a new flag name. We may introduce a more comprehensive “undo” feature for flags in the future that will allow flag names to be properly reused. In the meantime, though, please let us know how we can continue to improve your experience with Flags.


Expanding the Components Feature: The Pulls Page

When we introduced Components into the PR comment we were pleasantly surprised by its organic adoption. In light of that, we’re continuing to expand the functionality of this feature by bringing it into a pull request within Codecov.

When you navigate to a PR you’ll now see a new tab on that page labeled “Components.” This tab will give you info on your current component coverage as well as how it has changed from base to head commit of the PR.

Check back next month for more updates. Keep sharing your ideas with us – we’re always listening. We value your feedback and are committed to making Codecov better every day.

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