Automated Test Selection to Slash CI/CD Build Times

Reduce your deployment cost, and increase your deployment velocity.

Shorter CI/CD build times make game-changing impacts on the metrics that matter

  • reduced developer wait times
  • shortened time to deploy
  • increased deployment velocity
  • reduced CI/CD build costs

Codecov’s Automated Test Selection does all this without adding extra steps to your developer or DevOps workflows. Integration takes less than an hour.

Overloaded ship
Overloaded ship

Automatically run only the necessary tests in your CI/CD pipeline.

Running your entire test suite every time you make a change results in long and expensive CI/CD build cycles. Codecov’s Automated Test Selection programmatically identifies which tests you don’t need to run with each pull request and runs only the ones you do need.

With minimal setup, run only the tests you need on a PR-by-PR basis, automatically, without adding extra steps to your developer or DevOps workflows.

For CTO's and VP's

How it increases productivity and cuts costs

As codebases and test suites mature, increased time to run tests is a natural side effect. This can lead to decreased developer productivity as they block on CI/CD, and greater cost to support the added complexity of running additional tests.

That’s where Codecov comes in.

Codecov’s Automated Test Selection solves both of these problems by ensuring that, for any given commit, only the relevant tests are run, keeping your time spent running tests as minimal as possible. Engineering organizations can save time and money without compromising on code quality.

For Team Leads and Managers

How it impacts deployment velocity

Developers and code reviewers are often stuck waiting on CI/CD pipelines to find out if their PR passed all tests. When your pipeline is running irrelevant tests developers and code reviewers are unnecessarily blocked. Even worse vital updates aren’t making their way into production as fast as they should.

Codecov’s Automated Test Selection ensures for any given commit that only the relevant tests are run. This means you’re never going to wait a minute longer than you have to for your CI/CD build. Engineering teams can save time and improve the overall developer experience without adding extra steps to the developer or DevOps workflow.

For Developers

How it works

Codecov’s Automated Test Selection works wherever the Codecov Uploader works. There’s no need to switch your CI provider or your test process. All without adding extra steps to the developer or DevOps workflow. Just plug and play into your existing CI/CD pipeline.


Iterative Testing

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