Codecov Flags allow you to isolate and categorize coverage reports for different tests and features in your project for

  • multiple types of tests (e.g. unit vs integration)
  • different parts of your codebase (e.g. backend vs frontend)
  • projects in your mono repository

Codecov shows a history of your flags over time so that you can evaluate the improvement of coverage in your code base in the places that matter to you. Flag analytics allow you to both sort and evaluate if the coverage of your flagged portions of the code base is trending in the right direction.

Codecov Carryforward Flags provide a reference of past coverage for tests that are not run on your current commit. This means if you don’t run your entire test suite on every commit, Carryforward Flags will allow you to get consistent coverage metrics, even when you don’t upload all coverage reports.

Need More Info?

If you need more help be sure to check out the Codecov Docs. There you can find step-by-step integration instructions on how to set up Codecov for your configuration.

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