Command Line Interface

Streamline your workflow and save time – Codecov’s new CLI brings you coverage info without the pain of waiting for your CI to run and helps you upload coverage easily from your terminal. Features include:

  • Local Upload: Instantly check if your code changes will pass or fail Codecov’s check right in your terminal on every commit via Local Upload. Say goodbye to long CI pipeline waits and constant browser refreshing.
  • Global Upload Token: Simplify configuration for multiple repositories with Codecov using the Global Upload Token from your Settings page. Avoid the need for individual repository tokens and streamline your upload process.
  • PR Base Picking: Optimize code reviews by choosing the base commit for accurate coverage comparisons when merging to the main/master branch. Improve coverage accuracy, enhance collaboration, and gain reliable insights into code changes.

Understand how your coverage evolves with each code change using data readily available in your terminal with Codecov’s CLI. Check out the docs for more details on getting started.

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