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September Product Update: Sign-in with Sentry, Browser Extension Updates, and more.

September 29, 2023 Cassie Gatton

Sign In with Sentry

At this point, you must know that Codecov is a part of Sentry… I hope. Now that we set the context, it should come as no surprise we’re working on making our products play nice together.

So in addition to supporting login via your SCM provider, we added the ability … wait for it … login with Sentry! Untested code causing production issues? No problem, go between Codecov and Sentry with one account – easy.

Updates to the Codecov Browser Extension

Remember the Codecov Browser Extension we launched last May? Today, it comes with some noteworthy improvements.

Our first iteration of this extension provided a clean view of absolute coverage and coverage changes overlaid onto your code within the GitHub UI helping you identify test areas and understand code improvements. Building on that, now you can filter line coverage by Flags or Components directly within the GitHub UI. This allows you to narrow your focus to specific code areas, making for an efficient code review.

Contribute to Codecov+Sentry’s Future Product Roadmap

We’re on a mission to make pull requests smoother and more efficient for you, but we need your help. We’ve created a short survey so you’ll have the chance to delve into the specifics of what you’d like to see improved in Codecov pull requests. Share your thoughts, describe the changes that would make your life easier, and let us know how we can better cater to your workflow. Your feedback will guide our development efforts. Start Survey.

Try Codecov Pro for Free for 14 Days

Unlock Codecov Pro for 14 Days – No Credit Card Required. Whether you’re new or curious about Codecov Pro, now’s your chance to try it out. Plus, you can invite your whole team, and you’ll all enjoy unlimited seats, unrestricted uploads, and access to our latest Sentry integration.

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