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Product Update: Improved User Experience and Enterprise Processing Queues

January 30, 2023 AJ Fazzio

What's new

We’ve got some updates to Codecov that we’re excited to share with you. After receiving feedback from our users, we’ve made updates to our platform to enhance the user experience. The pull request page now has improved visibility of crucial coverage information through focused tabs, the commit page showcases the entire file tree for a selected commit, and we’ve added more processing queues for our enterprise customers to handle the increase in usage.

Improved Pull Request Page

Users reported low visibility of crucial coverage information on the pull request page, so we’ve reorganized it into focused tabs. Now, when you jump from your pull request to Codecov, the first thing you’ll see is a spotlight on the coverage of the files included in the diff for that PR. The new “Indirect Changes” tab shows coverage changes in files not directly modified in the PR/MR (Wondering how that might have happened? Check out our docs).

And, to make sure you have all the info you need in one place, we’ve relocated the commit and flag details to their own tabs. With these changes, you’ll be able to see your inline coverage reports without any scrolling or wrapping – perfect for immediate access to crucial and actionable information, while also improving page loading speed for faster access to the things you care most about. Click through the image below to see an example.

Improved Commits Page

We’re thrilled to announce the full return of a highly requested workflow – navigating your files from a commit. The commit page now showcases the entire file tree as it was covered at the time of the commit, allowing for quick searches of missing coverage without leaving the commit page. You can now make a commit, check its impact on coverage, and swiftly locate the next file to increase coverage with additional tests – all in one seamless workflow.

Screenshot of Codecov UI

Enterprise Processing Queues

Our largest users produce a significantly greater number of coverage reports and upload them at a significantly faster rate than most other projects. These Enterprise users naturally require more resources in order to serve appropriately. To this end we have added additional queues specifically for our largest cloud users, this means their coverage report uploads get picked up and processed faster than anybody else’s. If you’d like to sign up for enterprise, you can start here.


With the reorganized pull request page, the ability to navigate files from a commit, and enterprise-level resources for our largest users, we’re confident that Codecov will continue to be a valuable tool in your development workflow. We’re proud to bring these improvements to our platform, ensuring users can quickly access the information you need, and streamline your workflow. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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