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Message regarding the PyPI package

April 12, 2023 Tom Hu

EDIT 2023-04-17: We have re-instated the codecov package to PyPI as version 2.1.13. We are unfortunately unable to push 2.1.12, and users who still wish to use this package are encouraged to upgrade. We will continue to develop a deprecation plan for this uploader and will announce plans in the upcoming weeks.

On April 12, 2023, Codecov removed the codecov package from PyPI. Our intent was to remove a deprecated, rarely-used package from active support.

Immediate next steps

As this package was unmaintained and limited in use, there are no plans for the codecov package in PyPi to be made functional again.

  1. Users that would like to continue using Codecov must migrate over to use the new uploader or GitHub Action, if applicable.
  2. We are aiming to reinstate the Codecov PyPi package shortly with an error message and migration steps for users that may use or come across the package.

If you are having trouble migrating over to the uploader, please make a new issue in our feedback repository, and we will work to fix your issue as quickly as possible.

Observation and Post-Mortem

We overlooked some of the interests of users of PyPi in this removal. We have identified two central failures by the Codecov team.

  1. Although we had previously communicated the deprecation of the package, this was done too long ago. We made no further communications that this was going to occur causing a significant amount of pain for you.
  2. We should have worked with the PyPi team ahead of time regarding the deprecation steps and the custody of the package name; this would have provided a better transition between the package’s active and deactivated states. Regardless, the codecov package name has been locked by the PyPi team in order to prevent any squatting on the name by malicious actors.

We meaningfully affected users still using this package and caused headaches for both you and the PyPI team and we are sorry for the inconvenience and pain this action caused.

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