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Codecov’s Runtime Insights Feature enters Early Access

December 15, 2021 Eli Hooten

This feature has been renamed to Impact Analysis, more information can be found here

For several months, Codecov has been hard at work on a feature we’re calling Runtime Insights. Specifically, this feature allows meaningful metrics from your application’s production environment to be surfaced to developers during a pull request review. These metrics can be used to better contextualize code changes, direct code review policies, and help onboard new engineers into the most important parts of a codebase. 


The primary feature of Runtime Insights is called Critical Changes. This feature samples the most frequently executed lines of your code in production and notifies developers during PR review if those lines of code have been edited. Codecov does this by labeling the pull request as “Critical” in your repository provider, as well as labeling files where these changes were made as “Critical” in the Impacted Files table of the Codecov PR Comment


In addition to labeling code changes as critical, Runtime Insights will also surface Impacted Entrypoints in the Codecov Pull Request Comment. For example, if a code change is made that is in the execution path of an HTTP endpoint, that endpoint will be displayed as an Impacted Entrypoint in the Codecov PR Comment. This allows developers to understand the relationship between their code changes in a PR and the most user-facing aspects of the code that change may impact. 

Runtime Insights can highlight code changes to the most important parts of a codebase, demonstrate to developers how their changes may impact end-users, and help PR authors and reviewers contextualize a code change during code review. With this information, developers are better equipped to understand the impact and importance of their code changes; and, as a result, ship these changes with more confidence.


If Runtime Insights sounds like it may be beneficial to you or your organization, you can apply for early access and if selected, become an early adopter of this feature.


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