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We’re Changing our Pricing Model at Codecov

September 27, 2019 Jerrod Engelberg

This blog post is super old. Honestly, I’m not even sure how you found it. But now that you’re here, save yourself the read and check out our latest pricing here.


When we changed our pricing in 2019 we noted that it was to continue to develop features and capabilities based on feedback from our customers, as well as to drive innovation in the coverage space with our industry-defining product roadmap.

Some examples of what we’ve already delivered include Carryforward Flags, enhanced platform reliability, and more integrations with CI/CD with more to come.

Updating our pricing also allows us to continue to uphold our standards of support across our user base.

To further support these standards, as of September 30, 2020, we will no longer support customers with more than 5 users* on our legacy per-repo or free plans. Customers on annual legacy contracts will have their plans honored until the end of their subscription term.

Customers can update to our per-user plans on their organization’s Billing page, or email us at

Codecov will continue to be free for customers with 5 or fewer users with unlimited public and private repositories, and entirely free for open source projects.

If you have questions about the new pricing, please email us at

Thank you for continuing to support our mission of creating the best way for all development teams to trust each other and the code that they collectively write, in the past, present and future.

Note: A “user” is anyone who authors a pull request or merge request on a private repo with Codecov coverage, or accesses

What is changing?

Codecov is moving from per repository pricing to per user pricing:

For organizations with private repositories, Codecov is now free for the first 5 users, and all plans now include unlimited private repos.

This is not a change for On-Premises/Codecov Enterprise customers or for users purchasing through Github Marketplace as they will continue to be billed per user. If you are a current customer paying per repository and would like more information on how this change might impact you, please reach out to billing [at]

For open source projects/public repos, Codecov is free forever and always regardless of the number of users.

Note: A “user” is anyone who authors a pull request or merge request on a private repo with Codecov coverage, or accesses additional data on for a private repo.

For example, anyone with access to your repo(s) in Github/ Gitlab/ Bitbucket will be able to see Codecov data on the codehost if a user has authored a PR (an example from an open source project, scrapy , is here). Alternatively, that user can enter to see more robust metrics, historical trends, and coverage visualizations (example from the same PR here ).

Why is the pricing changing?

From the outset Codecov has been integrated with development teams around the world to deliver key features and enhance our users’ workflow. Fast forward four years and hundreds of thousands of users, and we saw that the per repository pricing model was no longer aligned with the value that we were providing for our customers.

To demonstrate: some of our largest customers with monolith repositories were not able to get support because they were using Codecov for free, while for small customers leveraging microservices Codecov was cost prohibitive. In sum: we believe that repositories are no longer the best representation of the reach of our software and so have moved to per user pricing to better support our customers’ needs.

We thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support of our mission to put out the leading code coverage tool on the market, and for letting us be a part of your most essential projects.

Have questions or concerns? We’d love to hear from you directly: hello [at]

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