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New in Codecov (4.4.3)

January 24, 2019 Tom Hu

The Codecov engineering team pushes out new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to ensure you have a world-class product and experience.

Up until now, we haven’t done a good job at keeping you up-to-date with these changes. We’re excited to introduce a new series called New in Codecov to fix that.

Every New in Codecov post will highlight significant feature development and critical fixes as they are launched so that you can stay informed of the newest changes. Take a look at what we launched last week in version 4.4.3.

Azure Pipeline support

Our bash uploader has been updated to support Azure Pipelines. If you are using Azure Pipelines as your CI/CD, you can get started by adding a few lines into your azure-piplines.yml config.

This has been updated to the new uploader. Be sure to replace linux with the appropriate OS or check out our documentation.

- script: |
    curl -Os
    chmod +x codecov
    ./codecov -t {CODECOV_TOKEN} displayName: 'codecov'

You can see the full source code for more information in our example repository.

GitLab badge interface support

Previously, badges mostly worked for GitLab. However, what didn’t work was the badge placeholders that gitlab makes available under Settings > Badges. This has been fixed and the usage is shown below:

For your convenience, the above input text is provided below:

Badge image URL:{project_path}/branch/%{default_branch}/graph/badge.svg

GitLab subgroup billing

Private repositories in subgroups will now be properly billed to their top level parent (up to 20 levels deep).

Thanks for all the feedback we get from you every day! We truly appreciate you helping us build a better product.

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