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Introducing the New Codecov CircleCI Orb!

November 26, 2018 Jerrod Engelberg

Edit: The CircleCI orb continues to be actively developed, and we recommend following the documentation listed here.

We are proud to introduce our partnership with CircleCI to bring you the Codecov orb. The orb makes it faster to get your projects up and running with Codecov by making it easier for you to upload coverage reports to Codecov.

In order to use the orb, you should be using CircleCI as your CI/CD provider and will need to make the following changes to your CircleCI config file (.circleci/config.yml):

Change the version in your config file to 2.1.

version: 2.1

Import the Codecov orb into the config file.

  codecov: codecov/codecov@1.0.1

Add a step in your config file to upload coverage reports to Codecov. You will need to supply the path to the coverage report results. If you have multiple files, you will need to create a step for each file.

- codecov/upload:
    file: {{ coverage_report_filepath }}

You can find more documentation about the Codecov orb here. For questions, comments, and feature requests, please e-mail us at

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