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2019 Year In Review

January 27, 2020 Tom Hu

In 2019, Codecov made big changes to its platform and released major product updates. Here are some highlighted updates and events of the year.

Better CI/CD Support

We introduced support for a few new CI/CD platforms to help make integrating with Codecov easier. The following services are now supported either via the bash uploader or the application itself:

GitHub Universe

This year, we helped sponsor GitHub Universe. We talked to hundreds of developers over the two days, learning about the pain points in their engineering organizations. Although we were thrilled to give away a Lego Death Star, we were able to come away with deeper product understanding and developer needs.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

We were honored to partner up with GitHub Student Developer Pack in order to help bring a world-class code coverage tool into their hands. If you’re a GitHub Student, you will no longer count toward the seat count of any organization of which you are a member. Find out how you can use Codecov to level up your skills.

Improved Parent Picking

We improved the way we find the most relevant ancestor commit by referencing the repository provider as opposed to our own internal database. This helps improve the accuracy of relative diffs in coverage and provides even more moments where Codecov “just works”.

After N Builds Support

For organizations that upload more than one coverage report as part of their CI pipeline, Codecov PR comments can be delayed from posting until a certain report/build threshold is reached. This helps teams get actionable coverage results posted to pull requests at the stage of the CI pipeline that is most meaningful to them. Add after_n_builds into your codecov.yml to get started.

Pricing Model Changes

This year, we re-examined the value Codecov was providing to our customers. We found that large customers were unable to get proper support, and smaller customers with many microservices found Codecov to be cost-prohibitive. We changed our pricing to better align with more development teams and diverse engineering structures.

We look forward to sharing new features and updates to improve your code coverage processes with the developer community in 2020.

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