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Mission Statement

Codecov creates the best way for all development teams to trust each other and the code that they collectively write, in the past, present and future.

Short Description

Codecov is the leading code coverage reporting solution. The company helps thousands of development teams confidently deliver stable and bug-free code with highly integrated tools to surface coverage insights where they are needed.

Long Description

Testing is a software development best practice that helps teams confidently ship stable and bug free code. To gauge how much of a codebase is tested development teams often rely on a metric called “Code Coverage”.

Gaining a holistic view of code coverage is difficult for engineering leaders and individual developers alike due to the broad range of languages, tools, and testing modalities available.

Since 2015 Codecov has provided thousands of development teams an easy and integrated way to gain full visibility into their code coverage regardless of language, CI platform, workflow or code host.




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