Intern – Software Engineering

The Team

Since our founding in 2015, Codecov has evolved from a one person team to a distributed remote family. We have team members all across the world and we’re committed to building disruptive testing tools and code coverage reports that will allow developers to ship healthier code. Similar to the customers we serve, Codecov is a diverse group of curious and creative individuals. Join us on a mission to devise, validate, and oversee the creation of software testing and code coverage products.

The Opportunity

Codecov is searching for an intern to work with our Software Engineering team.

Our engineering team is grouped into three focus areas: The frontend, the core APIs, and the worker. The frontend team is responsible for everything the users sees after they log into codecov (Awesome Dashboards, Insightful Coverage Metrics). The Core API team is in charge of making sure that Codecov reliably handles all API and incoming webhooks requests and the worker team makes sure that all our asynchronous jobs process flawlessly (Calculating Coverage, Setting statuses on the git providers).

The internships focus depends on your interest and you will ship code on products used by over 1M people.

  • Frontend (React.JS)
  • API (Python, Django REST framework, Django, Postgres, Kubernetes, Envoy)
  • Worker (Python, Celery, Postgres, Kubernetes)

This opportunity is conducive for university students looking for a summer internship, but we can also support non-university students for a similar time frame (3-6 months).


  • 0-2 years of Computer Science learning AND/OR software work in a corporation
  • Some combination of experience in React.JS and/or Python

Our Benefits

  • Employer stipend for work computer
  • Remote workforce anywhere from GMT-8 to GMT+3

Apply Below

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